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Search Tips

vendredi 30 octobre 2015

- To optimize your search results please use only ONE word or name (without surname) alone.

- For example : for Yves Tanguy key in "Tanguy", for books on Surrealism key in "Surrealism", for books in English key in "Anglais" (English in French), for catalogues raisonnés key in "raisonné" (use Singular without s)...

- But for rare surnames like "Wifredo Lam" it is better to use the surname alone

- For a compound noun like Man Ray it is recommended to use "Man Ray" entirely.

- Without any result it is highly recommended to search directly in the right section without using the search engine.

- For better results with the search engine it is also recommended to use the accents (like in "Fabergé" for example).

- For help or any question please contact us by clicking HERE (or on our email address on the top of each page on the right side), thank you.

If you have not received an answer within 10 days that means that your message didn’t arrive, thank you.