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Vintage Menswear : A Collection from the Vintage Showroom

samedi 20 juin 2015, par Olivia

- Douglas Gunn, Roy Luckett & Josh Sims (Auteurs)
- Laurence King (Éditeur)
- 2012
- 306 pages
- Relié
- 24,7 cm x 28,7 cm
- 400 illustrations en couleur
- Texte en anglais
- Ouvrage de référence
- Disponibilité et prix sur demande

(mode masculine, homme, vetements vintage de sport militaires et de travail, blousons, gants, aviateur, moto, course automobile, ski, escalade, armee, mountain, marche, chasse, hunting, imperméable, pêche, boots, parka, fishing, flight, racing, aviation, denim, jean, cuir, toile enduite, motorcycle, sportswear, workwear, military, blazer, university, college, Rugby, school, racing, Castell & Son, Sicut Lilium, Bespoke, CC41, Harrods, Bolenium, James Grose, Abbey Leather, Lewis Leathers, Belstaff, Barbour, Champion, F.A. Stone & Sons, Thor, Grenfell for Harrods, Burberry, The Motorist, Alaska Sleeping Bag Company, Duxbak, C.H. Masland & Co, Sport Chief, Hercules, Royal Canadian Air Force, Stohwasser & Co, British Army, Gieves Ltd, John Hammond & Co, Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine, Special Boat Service, Swedish Army, Indian Army, US Army, Aircraft Appliance Corporation, US Military, Reed Products Inc, Royal Air Force, Baxtor Woodhouse & Taylor, Irvin / RAF, P. Frankenstein & Sons / RAF, Aero Leather Company / USAAF, Luftwaffe, RAF Mountain Rescue Service, Gebirgsjäger, Broad Arrow, Japanese Army, British Special Forces, King Kard Overall Co, A. Whyman Ltd, Moss Bros & Co Ltd, Albert Gill Ltd, Arthur Miller, Selfridges, Goodyear Rubber Company, Globe Manufacturing, Arctic Insulated Clothing Inc., Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Jayees, Rotherex, Big Smith, Lybro, Headlight, Lee, Buckaroo, Buhrke Industries, Vetra, Osh Kosh B’Gosh...)